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Conan Arnold
Hello my readers.

I'm the writer of the Force Of The Giants storyline.

I have been busy writing stories for more than a year now, I'm attending animecons and comicons and sharing my stories here in Deviantart and hopefully soon on

This is gonna be sci-fi/fantasy storyline worth many novellla's, i might make more if i manage to perfect my writing. The storyline is roughly based on the myths and legends about the Annunaki, the ancient gods of flesh and blood worshipped by the Surmerians, a ancient culture that once inhabit a region in what is now know as Iraq. Offcouse i will add my own favor into it so don't expect accurate historical references towards it.

The stories themselves will be kept short but powerful without too many details. It can happen you might be missing out certain details and that characters might come over as flat But i'm working on it to perfect the balance between detail and context.

Anyway, enjoy reading them and give me feedback please 'cause a writer like me can't perfect it's stories without feedback.

Cheers :-)

Conan Arnold, aka CPA6982

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"Though honestly that only makes your greater point. Not all criticism is worthwhile."
Roger Ebert 

HI my readers.

Today is a rather sad day, one of the famous video game critics that I had praised for so long has finally decided to leave the internets so that he can get some much needed rest and recovery from the psychological torture that has been happening to him for a long time. 

I was in shock when I read this and what he has written on his final post sums up the real issues that content creators have to deal with and how difficult it is to keep your head straight when a lot of people troll or flame at you for not doing things in the way the trolls wanted to. 

The thing with the internet however is, is that we can post things anonymousy without fear of showing yourself face to face with the person you are criticizing.  The internet has brought a lot of things, it has become a well of knowledge and wisdom (if you wanna seach for it)  But it is also become a place in where the sharing of online content has given place to mob rule. 

This is pretty old news. However, what is not well known is the psychological damage online trolling and flaming can cause to a content creator, I have see many of my favorite content posters breaking down mentally and some have even been running through the streets of New York because they had been driven crazy by the internet. 
People talk easy and say that they are filling their jars with only sand and not with peppels, meaning that content creators make too much fuss about the little trolls who happen to be hiding almongst the hundreds of good comments. Yes on that part, it can be true, however, when someone is creating content as his only means of making a living and the website he is posting his content on gives you an amount of money depending on how many views and subscribers he has on his account, it will become a very stressfull business. Also, common psychology tells us that if you will meet a hundred persons and 99 of them gives you a handshake But the last one gives you a B*tchslap, you will remenber the B*tchslap more than those 99 handshakes. Why? Because our brains are hardwired to focus on the negative things in our lives, because something that is negative demands a solution, whatever that might be. We humans are problem solvers and we aren't keen of letting things be when we feel affected by it. 

TotalBiscuit is making a good choice of stepping out of the internet. After all what he has done for the gaming community, he deserves some much needed rest.  I wish him and his family the best. 

What this whole news means to me, is that I have to really think hard on how I should post my content and where the focus should be when dealing of the critics/feedback from commenters.  TBH, preventing people to post comments on the content I create isn't the right thing to do. It is understandable that content creators do that because of the damage it may bring But I can't help but to supect that when TotalBiscuit blocked the comments on Youtube it has only make the trolling worse. People want to post in whatever the way they want to and when the options of posting their comments became limited to reddit, people had gotten irritated. However, for TB, on that moment, it was a good choice to make, for his own shake. I mean, he is only human. 

The key of making sure that trolls don't get much of a foothold is to not comment on them and in order to do that, you need to figure out what is feedback, what is personal opinion and what is trolling. It requires a lot of exprience and a lot of discipline. Commenting on trolls is just like fueling a fire, it never stops burning. Not only is commenting on trolls bad for you it's also gives trolls the attention they do not deserve to have, making real fans feel that their good commentary is being ignored. 

I'm not saying that TotalBiscuit was weak. He is one of the toughest cookies I had met in my whole life, he has been doing stuff that a lot of us will brag about it in our living rooms But never dare doing it.  To post content and to face the critics no matter what happens, doing that day and night. No rest and no respite. I respect you TotalBiscuit. 
The problem with TotalBiscuit was, was that he could not stop reading the comments posted there no matter how horrible they were. It is this urge of him to connect with his commenters that he could no longer see the good from the bad, and once that happens, everything becomes like a chinese water torture, it's drops dripping down on the rock that was his psyche... Even a hero can break under years of psychological pressure. :-(

TB needs rest now.  Let's just be fair and give him some. Alright guys?

Ah well... That is for me. Feel free to comment.  Have a nice day. 


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